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Hello!! I am currently writing about day 6 on day 7 in bed this morning, last night I was super sleepy and went to bed right at 9:30 after we ended. We started our day the same as always, vinyasa flow class led by Claudine (IT WAS AMAZING) Then we had some breakfast and at breakfast I tried a mangosteen which is DELICIOUS!!! I wish we had them in the states.
After breakfast was an ACROVINYASA class where we learned Folded Leaf, Prasritta twist, Vashi, Hangle Dangle, Stradle Bat, Bat, Pashi into floating pashi. The hardest transition for me was Stradle Bat into Pashi, but I am sure we will get it…Felicia if you read this WE ARE GONNA GET IT!!!
Lunch time and a little bit of free time, so I went down to the spa and got a 30 min leg massage for my hammies. Then practice teach!! Honza was with our group the East Coast Avengers assessing our practice teaching skills. I was with Kelly co teaching folded leaf→ prasritta twist→ straddle bat→ Vashi. She based me and we nailed it (the second time). Honza had some helpful tips for us and I felt like our time together was very productive. We ran late so we got a shorter time for dinner but it was enough!
Night session was just a group chat on the yoga deck and some lecture. Bed time was early I was EXHUASTED!!

Xoxoxo pura vida!

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Day 5 ACROVINYASA Training. *hump day*

Halfway done!


Happy hump day! AKA It's the halfway point of training. WOW already halfway done this is crazy! In just 5 days I have made a family of friends from all over the world, absorbed so much knowledge of how to teach this practice, seen some of Bali's culture, soaked up the sun, and Improved immensely in my acro practice.

This morning we did a short vinyasa practice followed by more inversion training, headstand, tripod, forearm, and handstand. We ended the practice with handstand "MAX OUTS". In handstand max outs you find a spotter and then go up into handstand, as people start falling out of it Honza calls out the time until the last person is standing. I got 65 seconds! The goal is to beat your previous time by a few seconds each time. We then took a short break for breakfast then reconvened for an ACROVINYASA class where we learned the seated sequence. Short break for lunch then it was time to practice teach. The "EAST COAST AVENGERS" Met in villa 2 and started killing it right away. It's amazing how much we have evolved from day 1. After practice teaching each other we played around and jammed a bit. I took a dip in the pool a quick shower then it was off to dinner.

After dinner we had a little gathering on the yoga deck for lecture and then it was off to bed by 9:30. Early night but we all needed it. I even got an assignment done for back home!

xoxo pura vida!

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ACROVINASA Training day 4! Bali

Morning practice, killer ACROVINYASA class, practice teaching, soreness, THAI MASSAGE! and cake..


HELLO! If you read my last entry, you know that we went out dancing last night. Soooo... this morning I was very tired! I woke up pretty late around 6:15 am, went down to the yoga deck for practice at 7 am. This time instead of having a vinyasa class we had inversion training and focused on crow and how to spot crow in a workshop setting . Breakfast was great as usual, fresh fruits, juices, toast, eggs, fried rice and noodles, coffee, yum. After breakfast we reconvened for an ACROVINYASA class. My body was already sore from yesterday- this class was HARD. After doing the class we split off into our groups (EAST COAST AVENGERS!) and had to practice teach 30 minutes of class to each other, needless to say even a simple vinyasa class ws becoming hard when repeating it 5 times over and over...but...us ACROVINYASA trainees are SUPERHEROES !!! After practice teach we did some more acro and some more acro teaching, then split off into dinner. I had soup and salad, so delicious but i might get PIZZZZAA tomorrow !


After dinner turned out to be my favorite part of the day today. We got to do guided THAI massage on a partner for 30 minutes and then switch. My partner was Georgia AKA Cha-cha!!! i love that girl! Thai massage felt amazing after the intense day we had today. I would love to explore it more and incorporate it into my day to day things. Claudine told us to check out the "thai circus" if we want to know more about Thai massage..which I totally will...(next endeavor ?)....

When we are all finally in heaven from massage, we headed up to Claudine and Honzas villa for a surprise....
CAKE and cocktails and beer! such a fun night chatting and getting to now everyone. again, so in love.
bali you are magical <3

xoxo pura vida

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BALI ACROVINYASA training day 3?

Morning eye contact, vinyasa, breakfast, session, practice teach!

ELLO good people of earth! Welcome to bali ACROVINYASA training day 3?? I think....

This morning we met at 7 am and started out by getting a partner and doing an eye contact exercise. Basically what you do is sit really close to the person and we started eyes closed, one hand over our heart and the other hand over the heart of the person in front of you. Breathing deeply into the other persons heart space and repeating the mantra " you are loved, you are well". OF COURSE i felt the tears flowing instantaneously. As soon as we opened our eyes they were still coming, my partner, Leila was super sweet and I could feel her amazing energy. She was totally there for me and that's exactly what I needed in that moment.


After that we began our morning vinyasa class which was quite hard because I was sore from yesterday. Breakfast was had and then morning session of discussion and an ACROVINYASA class. Then came lunch (I had a burger...mmm red meat!!!). When we met back up for afternoon session it was time to start practice teaching an actual ACROVINYASA class. We got split up into groups of 6 (our group is actually 5 because we have an off number). My group RULES. we are nicknamed the "east coast avengers" (because we are all from the east coast, CT, FL, NC, and VT. i lOVE THEM!!!! We each got to co teach part of a class and it was amazing, not perfect but it flowed really well and I am already excited with what I can do with Teaching this back home !!!

Well I just finished dinner (curry again!!) and got in a quick shower before afternoon session from 8-9. After afternoon session we are heading into PadangBai village to jam to a tribute band for Bob Marley. This training is so amazing. I am so blessed.

I thought I was gonna finish this post tomorrow but ill just finish today!! Just got back from Babylon Bar in PadangBai village after an awesome jam session with a local Bob Marley tribute band- they were SO COOL! we danced and danced and had a few beers..(but not too many- inversion training tomorrow morning 7 am...). anyways. this is the most fun I think i've ever had...EVER. I am IN LOVE.

I am loved, I am well.

xoxo Pura Vida!

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Day 2 : ACROVINYASA Training

Temples, offerings, meditation, acrovinyasa, beach jam, dinner, closing circle.

Hello loves!! Day 2 of #ACROVINYASA yoga teacher training! It started out amazing, I woke up around 5 am and went down to the shala to watch the sunrise- it was very cloudy out so the sun was hard to see but it was still so peaceful and beautiful. Claudine and Honza had a surprise for us in the morning, we had to get a sarong on and we had a silent walking meditation down to a local temple to make an offering for full moon. There we meditated for a little while and I felt so complete and calm. After that we had a big buffet breakfast as a community.
My FIRST ACROVINYASA class was held after breakfast and it was so lovely! It was a reminder of why I am here and why I am so passionate about this practice. We took a short lunch afterwards and alas- another surprise awaits! They took us down about a 30 minute walk to white sand beach in PadangBai for an acro jam session, which totally rocked! IMG_2035.jpg

From there we had dinner at the Colonial in PadangBai- I had red curry and sangria and then went for a swim! (all the restaurants have wonderful swimming pools attached to them!
When we got back we went to Honza and Claudine’s villa for a closing sharing circle, which moved some of us to tears. Oh how lovely it is to be in another teacher training again….


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