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Day 1 ACROVINYASA Training :)

Padangbai, Bali


Aloha From PadangBai Bali! Today was my first day of the ACROVINYASA yoga teacher training! BUT! before we get to that lets talk about my morning! Woke up..around 5:30 am to see the sunrise-beautiful! Then I took my first hot water shower-or at least it was hot for all of 3 minutes, hehe :) Then I settled in here checked my email and such and walked down to the restaurant for breakfast. I had a dragon fruit smoothie, eggs, bacon, potatoes and assorted exotic fruits! I also met some fellow trainees at breakfast, all of which were Aussies! (love em already!). We chatted for a while, got to know each other and headed down to the spa for a massage- this time I got a hot stone massage...90 minutes of perfection. After a while of swimming and hanging out by the pool me and 3 other trainees decided to venture out into PadangBai town to look for some local lunch. We walked for a bit and it seemed like we were headed in a circle until we finally decided on a cute little restaurant, I had the vegetable curry...so delicious!
We got back to The Bloo Lagoon just in time for the start of training.

Training today was absolutely wonderful. I love my teachers, Honza and Claudine! It also seems like a great group of people from all around the world and I am excited to get to know them better! There was an opening ceremony of a traditional Balinese dance which was beautiful. After that we introduced ourselves to each other and then kicked it off with a rocking first practice (just vinyasa on earth-no acro just yet!). Dinner was lovely we stayed here and I got curry once again!

During the evening session we worked on meditation and savasana, that savasana was really sweet for me, it felt like I was floating and half asleep half awake but in a perfect state of awareness and fully present.

Tomorrow the day starts at 7 am, goodnight friends! stay tuned....

xoxo pura vida!

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Day 1: Padangbai

Sunrise, Yoga, Exotic fruits, Beach, Balinese massage.


Hello there! It's my first full day here in PadangBai, Bali. I started off my day by waking up around 5:30 am (the monkeys and boats actually woke me up!) I layer in bed for another 30 minutes, and then when I started to see the sunrise, immediately I got up and had to go see it, it was spectacular- pinks and oranges and yellows. After soaking in the beauty I decided to head to the yoga deck and do a short morning Asana. By the time I was finished, it was time for breakfast! I had the strongest coffee I have ever tasted! And an assortment of exotic fruits including dragon fruit which I had never tried before (it's excellent, I put some lime juice on it too!). I also had eggs, bacon, toast and banana pancakes, so delicious here at the Bloo Lagoon.

After breakfast I headed down the spiral staircase to the Bloo Lagoon spa, for a traditional Balinese 60 minute massage! Before the massage they gave me iced ginger tea and a cold lavender towel. My therapist was absolutely amazing! The Balinese woman have some tough hands! The best part was....it only cost me 20$USD!! that kind of massage would have cost at LEAST 100$ back in the states (and probably wouldn't have been as good!). After the massage they brought me upstairs and gave me hot lemongrass and ginger tea while I relaxed and took it all in. There's a woman who walks around the village and spa carrying a plate on her head full of burning incense, granted-it smells wonderful here!

It was about 11:30 pm when my massage was over and it was starting to get hot hot HOT. I'm talking 90 and HUMID! I met my new friend Kelly (she's great) and we walked about 5 minutes to the Bloo Lagoon Beach which is so so so pretty! beautiful white sane and crystal clear blue waters, although it's not advised to swim there as the currents and waves are very strong. Nonetheless it made for a perfect photo op!

I jumped in the pool with Kelly shortly thereafter. After my swim I went to get a light snack of a banana and strawberry smoothie which really hit the spot. I said goodbye to kelly as she left for her massage an I went back to my villa to take a shower (still cold water) and then take a little nap. I woke up around 4:50 and then met Kelly by the main office to take the shuttle into town for dinner. We ended up going to "The Colonial" it was rated #1 on trip advisor in PadangBai, and for good reason! they offer a selection of cuisines for all different taste buds, I got samosas and Kelly got yellow curry. They also has a swimming pool, hammocks, and bean bag chairs to hang out in before or after dinner-so cute!

It's now almost 8 pm, the sun has set and I am exhausted! Time to get some rest as tomorrow is the big first day of acro yoga teacher training!
xoxo pura vida!

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24 hours, 1 layover, 2 planes, and a taxi drive. I made it.


31 °C

Hello loves! Update from abroad:
I left last night to begins my journey to Bali. My two amazing parents drove me to Newark airport IN THE SNOW! ( thank you so much!). I got there and found out my flight had been delayed an hour, no biggie. Checking in for my flight I was told that my carry on bag was too big. I have a gregory Z40 and it wasn't even packed all the way! So, I took some clothes out and wore them! Problem solved and they let me carry on my backpack no problem (I hate checking bags). Anyways, we had a bit of a difficult time boarding the plane for some reason we kept getting pushed back 20 minutes here and there. When everything was all said and done, we took off at around 3 am. I don't even remember taking off because I fell right asleep once I got settled.

To be honest I was a little afraid of this 16 hour flight just because it's SO long. BUT! Alas- I slept 7 hours which helped a lot. I also got to watch interstellar- it blew my mind! Overall Cathay Pacific is a wonderful airline. I had ample space for my body and legs even in an economy seat.

We landed around 7 pm NJ time, which means it was about 7 am Hong Kong time. (12 hr time difference) can you say jet lag? Catching my connecting flight in Hong Kong was a peice of cake, you just need to go through security again and know where your departing gate is. Once I sat down, latte in hand, two of my fellow teacher trainees came over, turns out they were on the same flight to Bali! Oh also they are SUPER AWESOME! I just met them and I love them. Weird what yoga can do to you huh? Fill you with an open mind and heart and so much love to give and receive. ❤️

From Hong Kong, the flight was about 5 hours to Bali. Never fear, I had the ENTIRE row to myself so I layed down and slept the whole time
IMG_1605.jpg.. Next thing I knew I was waking up in Bali. Out the aircraft I go and immediately start sweating and regret wearing my sweatshirt off the plane. Humidity is high here as we as temps during the day.
Once I got into the airport I went to get my temporary Visa good for 30 days for tourists, again very easy process- costs35USD$. After that comes the painful part: IMMIGRATION. Ugh! That line lasted an hour, carry my backpack was makeing my shoulders sore. After getting stamped in, I threw my bags through customs and then straight to the money exchange... I've become a MILLIONAIRE! In Bali the denominations in RUPIAHS are in millions of dollars. Once I got my cash- I go to try to find my driver whom I see immediate! (I hope he wasn't waiting long for me, stupid immigration.) immediately my driver was extremely nice telling me all about Bali, the history, things to do, things to see, things to eat. Everything. 1.5 hours from Denpasar airport to Padangbai where my training is.

Well I am here and I took a shower (cold water but oh well it's hot and humid during the day which will help! ) dinner was chicken fajitas, fresh lime juice, and chocolate cake. My little reward for not eating a solid meal all day! Anyways. I'm exhausted!! Time to hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow, maybe I'll stop by the spa and get a massage....

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17 days.

Too soon but not soon enough.

I leave the USA in 17 days. SEVENTEEN days. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cailyn McDonnell and my only purpose in life is to see as many beautiful places and connect with as many beautiful people as possible. I recently just got home from a 2 week stint in Costa Rica (Nosara) then one week in Boca Raton. I feel like I just got home and back to my routine and now I am about to depart on an EPIC voyage across the globe to Bali, Indonesia. My flight takes off from Newark at 1 am March 2nd. It will take me roughly 25 hours to fly there including a layover in Hong Kong. Once in Bali, I will head straight to the Bloo Lagoon Resort (an eco lodge) where I will get two savory days all to myself to settle in, relax, perhaps get a balinese massage or two! THEN, March 5th-15th is my ACROVINYASA teacher training with the beautiful yogisbeyond! . I am nervous yet more excited than ever for this training. After training, I have 5 full days to myself to explore the beautiful culture of the island of Bali. I will head straight to the Yoga Barn where I will stay in a hostel and hopefully meet some cool people! I wish to take many many yoga classes, explore Ubud, hike mountains, visit temples, swim in waterfalls, hold monkeys, drink coffee, see sunrises and sunsets, shop at local markets, and follow my bliss.

Bye for now loves,
17 days.

xoxo Pura Vida

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